CPAC Speaking times

CPAC Speaking times

Maybe this list means nothing, but I don’t think so.  It seems quite significant to me that Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are given the most time except the keynote speaker at CPAC.  Why does the base of the Republican party continue to be enthralled by morons and people unwilling to concede their point even when confronted with rock-solid evidence to the contrary?  Again I am not even a Republican but I find it fascinating that these goobers are the famous ones and people like Chris Christie and other reasonable moderates are reviled.  It’s as if even interacting with Obama is now a sin.  And unfortunately I have a hard time not seeing a racial quality about it.  It’s almost as if most of the base of the Republican party has a hard time stomaching someone shaking hands with Obama, mostly because his name is Barack Hussein Obama, but also partially because he’s black.  It’s pretty disturbing to me…  Here is a quote from last week’s political junkie column on NPR: “Many in the conservative movement support the exclusion. Morton Blackwell, a longtime GOP activist from Virginia and an ACU board member, said, ‘He is a Republican, but I don’t think he would accurately be described as a conservative. … And a lot of people have in their minds the image of him hugging Barack Obama in the late stages of the presidential campaign.'”  That sounds crazy to me.  As if hugging Barack Obama is in some way an indication of your politics.  I know there’s an ellipsis there but it is still a fairly strong implication.


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