Fascinating music article

Fascinating music article

I heard this really interesting story on the way home the other day.  It’s about these youtube videos that take famous songs and change their key, i.e. from minor to major or vice versa.  It seemed silly in some ways but it also made me realize how little I know about musical theory (I had to ask Kelly what major and minor keys were).  And the article pointed to some research that found that songs major keys are usually interpreted as happy songs and songs in minor keys are interpreted as sad songs….across cultures!  That is, when the researchers tested this theory with people that lived in Asia(I can’t remember the country) that had never had contact with modern Western culture, they found that those people still interpreted songs in minor keys as sad and songs in major keys.  That idea fascinates me.  I have no idea what its implications might be, but I am fascinated nonetheless.


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