noma norovirus scare

noma norovirus scare

I have been intrigued by noma ever since I heard of it a few years ago.  I consider myself a locavore and noma takes that to another level, along with designing a menu that consists of many things I have never heard of/didn’t know were edible.  I heard of one dish that was designed with local moss that was harvested near the sea.  Also, they are a distinctly Nordic restaurant so the food is already strange enough for anyone outside of that diaspora.  Anyways, apparently this outbreak was caused by an employee who had norovirus that didn’t wash his hands well.  NPR did another follow up today.  In the second story, the proprietors of noma are criticized for not checking their email when they were sent an alert from the local health inspector.  And tisk tisk to them.  But my question is, what kind of uncreative thinking is that from the health inspector??!?!?  They see that there may be a major outbreak of a not-so-life-threatening illness and just decide one email is sufficient warning to the restaurant?  What about calling them on the phone?  Or just walking to the damn restaurant?  I blame bureaucratic thinking.  Ugh.


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